Commit History

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  FloKra 0dcc41236a added support for some IT-like Remote Controls ("Brennenstuhl"), 6 months ago
  FloKra c58606c09f BUGFIX: in def decodeInterTechnoRX(rx_code): wrong return code when unknown/invalid IT RX-code was detected 6 months ago
  FloKra fc4e79ce7e structure changed and example config files renamed to allow update with git pull without overwriting config 6 months ago
  FloKra f7ef16dc08 - added support for using Tasmota ESP8266 firmware as a Serial Bridge for building an MQTT-CUL rather than my own outdated, instable and never published MQTT-Serial-firmware 1 year ago
  FloKra 5850dd5869 removed old device config file 1 year ago
  FloKra eb03e5b8bb 2020-12-09: 1 year ago
  FloKra a34ba8385f CHANGELOG.txt updated 1 year ago
  FloKra 7e9a038d4c 2020-11-30: 1 year ago
  FloKra 82817fc499 fix syntax error 2 years ago
  FloKra 8df46ebd02 - removed json dependancy, as it is not used 2 years ago
  FloKra 26655a6800 initial commit 2 years ago