1. 2021-03-14:
  2. - added support for using Tasmota ESP8266 firmware as a Serial Bridge for building an MQTT-CUL rather than my own outdated, instable and never published MQTT-Serial-firmware
  3. tested with Tasmota v9.3.1
  4. 2020-12-09:
  5. - fixed bug: program terminated when UART-CUL enabled/configured but not available
  6. - fix bug in MQTT input when using 'add_statTopics_on'
  7. - added: initialize MQTT-CUL with configured culInitCmd (i.E. "X21", "X05") on MQTT connect
  8. - added support for certain remote controls that aren´t directly supported by a-culfw by parsing RAW data (a-culfw initialized with X05 command)
  9. - added repeated commands
  10. - added ini configuration using configparser
  11. - lots of improvements and fixes
  12. - README updated
  13. 2020-11-30:
  14. - integrated support for InterTechno remotes/devices with fixed code
  15. no need to specify RX/TX commands, just specify a device ID like IT_A1, IT_C3 etc.
  16. - added logging (logs all known received commands and status messages to file by default)
  17. 2020-04-06:
  18. - devices configuration using YAML file (cul2mqtt_devices.yaml)
  19. - calculate TX code from RX code for InterTechno compatible devices (code from FHEM project ported to Python)
  20. no need any more to identify and specify TX codes for these devices, just specify the RX code and the TX is generated on the fly when needed